Dulce de Batata with cheese

Dulce de Batata

Dulce de Batata is a marmalade-like candy from Argentina with a hard texture. It is made of sweet potatoes and is most commonly eaten as a dessert or sweet snack but can also be...

Chimichurri on steak with goat cheese


Chimichurri is a typical Argentinian sauce that is most commonly served with grilled meat at an Asado or on Choripán, the popular sausage sandwich. Sometimes the sauce is also used as a marinade for...

Choripan, Argentinian sausage sandwich


Choripán is a type of sandwich with chorizo that was invented in Argentina but is popular across South America today. Its name is an acronym that is composed of the main ingredients used for...

Handmade Alfajores de Maicena from Argentina


Alfajores are smooth and crumbly sandwich cookies that have a sweet filling and are usually dipped in chocolate, icing or powdered sugar. Although the most common filling is dulce de leche, Alfajores come in...

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