Rohesser is a certain type of raw pork sausage from Germany which is mainly eaten as a snack or in combination with traditional German ‘Abendbrot’ – a cold dinner with a wide variety of foods such as sliced meats and cheeses eaten on bread or rolls. Since Rohesser can be easily stored for up to 4 weeks and do not require much refridgeration, they are an ideal snack that can be taken to picnics or camping trips.

Rohesser – which literally translates to ‘raw eaters’ – are produced with coarsely ground pork that is seasoned and filled into real intestines. The characteristic taste is created by smoking them over night in beech wood. The sausage has a distinct reddish colour that is usually achieved by adding paprika powder or special color enhancements.

Right after the smoking process, Rohesser are still rather soft and start hardening when being dried and stored. This can be influenced by the consumer himself in his own preferred way. Keeping them refridgerated will slow down the hardening process. While the usual Rohesser has a strong smoky flavour, the sausage is also sold in other variations with different kinds of spices, for example in a spicy version with chili or pepper.

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