Suri, Peruvian palm weevil grubs, delicacy in the amazon as street food


When strolling over the Belén market of Iquitos in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon, grasping the exotic marvels that the jungle has to offer, these yellow blobs on sticks will most definitely grab...

Handbrot or Rahmklecks, German street food on festivals and Christmas markets. Filled bread with ham and cheese


Whether you party at a music festival in Germany during summer or stroll over a traditional German Christmas market in winter, you will likely smell this freshly baked deliciousness from afar. Handbrot, also known...



Zwiebelkuchen is a traditional German pie which is mostly known in the wine regions and usually eaten during the grape harvest. As the name implies – ‘Zwiebel’ means ‘onion’ – its main ingredient is...



What looks like a delicious salad from pine nuts at first glance, is certainly no vegetarian’s dream. The light yellow, bean-like grains are so called Escamoles, a rather extraordinary specialty from Mexico. Escamoles are...

Acaraje, Street Food from Brazil


In the streets of Salvador da Bahia, the Baianas with their white cotton clothes and cloth wrapped around their heads are a common sight. These women sell the famous Acarajé, a very popular and...

Shirako, Japanese Fish Milt, Sperm Sacs


What looks like little white brains or rather unappealing gooey blobs, is actually a Japanese delicacy called Shirako. Shirako literally translates to ‘white children’ but refers to what is known as ‘milt’ in English...



In the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, the finely ground green tea powder called Matcha is an essential ingredient. It has an intense green color and a sweet, sometimes slightly bitter taste. Matcha is regarded...

Döner Kebab


Döner is a sandwich made from Turkish flatbread filled with some sort of shaved meat, different kinds of vegetables and sauce. Along with Currywurst, Döner is Germany’s most favourite street food today! While the...



Rohesser is a certain type of raw pork sausage from Germany which is mainly eaten as a snack or in combination with traditional German ‘Abendbrot’ – a cold dinner with a wide variety of...

Soju, Korean Rice Brandy


Soju is a clear distilled beverage from Korea which is traditionally made from rice. The literally translated ‘burn liquor’ is South Korea’s most popular alcoholic drink today with a long history that dates back...



Takoyaki is a traditional Japanese street food from the Kansai region around Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. The name means ‘baked octopus’ as the Takoyaki balls are made of octopus which is fried into a...

Gaebul or penis fish from Korea


Gaebul is a traditional and very popular snack in South Korea. The first thing you thought when seeing Gaebul? Yes, you are right: its striking resemblance to the male sexual organ has earned it...

Spanish Goose Barnacles from Galicia


Percebes, known as goose barnacles in English, are a Galician delicacy from Spain and are among the most exclusive seafood in Europe. Customers in Spain and Portugal pay up to 200 Euros per kilo...

Tinto de Verano

Tinto de Verano

Tinto de Verano is a refreshing wine-based summer drink from Spain. It is somewhat similar to Sangría but contains fewer ingredients and is more simple to mix. Although Tinto de Verano may be less...

Quiche Lorraine


The Quiche is a round and flat savory pastry with a filling made from eggs, milk and a variety of vegetables and meats. The pie-like specialty originated in the Lorraine region of France. The...



Pastis is a spirit made from anise which originated in France and is especially popular in the south of the country. Originally the basic ingredient was local anise from France, whereas today, mostly star...

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