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What’s better than Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies and fruitcake for Christmas? Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies and fruitcake with Brandy Butter! Just think of how the butter melts on some delicious, warm Christmas treats, releasing a fine note of the golden alcohol that blends in with the Christmas spices as it runs down the sides. Simply magical! Just imagining the festive atmosphere created by the delicious scent gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling!

The caramel-colored brandy cream is probably the most popular version of so-called Hard Sauce. Hard Sauce is generally a sweet and rich dessert sauce made by beating butter and sugar together with an alcoholic component. Along with the popular brandy version, other common variants are rum butter, whiskey butter or sherry butter. For little ones, you can make the perfect alternative by substituting the alcohol with vanilla or other flavors.

The tipsy butter is served cold, often with warm desserts. While traditional Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies are the most common Christmas sweets to pair it with, Brandy Butter is also delicious with other warm pastries or even on a slice of toast. What a great seasonal alternative to cream, ice cream or vanilla custard!

Brandy Butter: Hard Texture Or Pourable Sauce?

Despite its name, Hard Sauce isn’t really a sauce at all, and thus also Brandy Butter is rather a spread than a pourable liquid. While the butter becomes creamy in the process of mixing it with sugar and alcohol, the subsequent refrigeration creates a rather buttery, firm texture instead of a smooth, liquid one. By blending in the oak-aged, brownish brandy, the butter also gets a slight golden tint.

Now, whatever your favorite Christmas treats are, Brandy Butter will add a special touch and make them even more delicious! And what’s even better: It is super easy to make at home with our simple recipe below. It keeps for weeks under refrigeration, which means you can make a nice batch and enjoy it during the whole Christmas season. Pressed into a decorative mold before chilling, it is a beautiful addition to a festive Christmas table.




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