Admittedly, this cloudy, beige drink in big beer glasses does not look too appealing at first sight. However, even some of the greatest beer lovers enjoy a glass of this German specialty once in a while. Bananenweizen is a so-called German “Biermischgetränk” (shandy) made from wheat beer and banana nectar. It does not have any special history or tradition but is a common drink nowadays, especially in the southern parts of the country.

Many people may think that Germans only love their beer in its purest form. After all, the country is very proud of its world-famous “Reinheitsgebot” that only allows hops, malt, yeast and water. In compliance with the German Beer Purity Law plain lagers, wheat bears and dark beers are still the favorites. Nevertheless, it is very common at the same time to mix beers with a wide variety of carbonated drinks and juices – to the surprise of most foreigners. Apart from Bananenweizen, other very popular mixtures are Radler, Diesel and Berliner Weisse, among many others.

Give Bananenweizen a try yourself with our very easy recipe:


Recipe: Bananenweizen (Banana Wheat Beer)

Food & Drinks // Germany

Bananenweizen, an unusual mix of wheat bear and banana juice from Germany


0.5 litres wheat beer

banana nectar

tall wheat beer glass


Rinse the glasses with cold water

First, fill the glasses with banana nectar up to one third of their height

Then top it up with the wheat beer (this order is important so that the beer and the nectar mix well and do not produce two layers)

Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier by Bernt Rostad, licensed under CC BY 2.0