Federweißer, also known as “Neuer Wein” (new wine), is an alcoholic drink made from fermented pressed grape juice and is common in the wine regions of Germany. The name is German and is composed of the words feather and white which comes from the look of the suspended yeast. While the beverage is often made of white grapes it can also be found as Federroter made from red grapes. The grapes used for production usually cannot be used to produce high-quality wine.

During Federweißer season, the beverage can be found in restaurants and vineyards and can also be bought in the wine regions from small stands on the side of the road, where producers often sell the wine in big plastic canisters.

Federweißer is only seasonally available during the harvest of grapes which varies from early September until late October. The beverage is traditionally served with so-called Zwiebelkuchen, a traditional onion pie.


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_MG_5303b by Dot Nielsen, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0