Germknödel are a sweet delicacy from Bavaria and Austria and can be found all across the Alpes. The fluffy dumplings are made from yeast dough and are filled with a spicy plum jam. They are usually topped with poppy seeds and sugar and are served with melted butter or vanilla sauce. The traditional sweet dish can be ordered as a dessert or even as a complete main course. Germknödel usually have the shape of a sphere or a bun.

Germknödel are related to another traditional German dish called Dampfnudeln. While Germknödel are steamed or boiled in a pot, Dampfnudeln are usually cooked in a deep pan to produce its signature crust.



Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Food & Drinks // Germany

Servings: 4 dumplings

Germknödel, sweet yeast dumplings with vanilla sauce, caraway seeds and icing sugar


30 g yeast

500 g flour


70 g sugar

70 g butter

1/4 Liter milk, lukewarm

2 eggs (of 1 egg only the yoke)

lemon zest

1 pack vanilla sugar

300 g plum butter

1 table spoon rum

150 g ground poppy seeds

sugar powder

vanilla sauce or 100g butter as topping


Mix some flour with the sugar, yeast and the lukewarm milk to produce the dough base (called Dampfl) and let it rest.

Now mix the Dampfl with the eggs, the lemon zest, the remaining flour, salt and butter and knead it well

Form the dough into sphere, besprinkle it with some flour and cover it with a piece of cloth to prove.

Mix the plum butter with the rum.

Cut small balls out of the dough with a table spoon.

Flatten the dough balls with your hands and place a tea spoon of the plum butter its center.

Now pull up the edges of the dough to form a sphere.

Let it prove again on a flour-besprinkled board.

Steam the Germknödel on a greased fine strainer over boiling water or in a steamer for 12 minutes. (alternatively, you can slowly boil them in a pot with a lid but they will not rise as well as when being steamed).

Pour hot vanilla sauce or hot melted butter over the Germknödel and top them with poppy seeds and some sugar.

Serve immediately!


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