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A Laugenbrezel is a traditional German dough specialty which is baked in the form of a pretzel loop. The particularity about this type of pretzel is that it is dipped in a lye solution before it is put into the oven. This creates a chemical reaction that gives the pretzel its typical appearance and taste. Laugenbrezel have their roots in the southern parts of Germany, especially in the federal state of Bavaria. Bakeries usually sell them in their plain form with coarse salt or with a layer of butter. The traditional pretzels are a great snack for in-between as well as a side for many Bavarian dishes such as Weißwurst or Obatzter. Going one step further, the looped pastry even serves as the base ingedient for another very traditional Bavarian dish called Brezenknödel.

Although, Laugenbrezel have conquered the entire country and are popular with Germans in general nowadays, the best pretzels can still be found in the south.

In addition to pretzels, this method of using lye can be used for any type of baked goods such as rolls or bread sticks. You will find these popular baked goods in any German bakery or you can simply try making them yourself! Here is our simple and authentic recipe:




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Brezel by superscheeli, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0