However, Even if you have never heard of Quezalteca Rosa de Jamaica before, the intense, deep color alone will grab your attention and make you want to try this Guatemalan favorite. Quezalteca Rosa de Jamaica is a hibiscus-flavoured Aguardiente with its typical bright pink color and a strong, sweet taste.

Rosa de jamaica, hibiscus plant from Guatemala

Guatemalans most commonly refer to the alcoholic beverage as “Indita”. However, it should be apparent that this expression, a diminutive for “india”, is quite frankly an insult when talking about the indigenous people of the country. Therefore, we suggest to always use its original name and avoid the local nickname!

The name “Rosa de Jamaica” stems from the special type of Hibiscus of the same name that the drink is made of. The flavour is extracted from the dark red calyces which cover the seeds of this bushy, annual plant.

Guatemalans often consume the distilled liquor in its plain form as a type of shot. However, some people perceive the taste of the pure liquor as too sweet. Therefore, many also like to mix it with Sprite, a shot of lemon juice and ice cubes. Like this you get a less sweet, fresh and delicious long drink.

Quezalteca Rosa de Jamaica is a branded liquor. It is produced by the largest Guatemalan distilling company called Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala.


Photos by Mario A. Torres

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