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If you live in one of the hipster capitals of the world, you might have come across this hyped yellow beverage already. But the hot drink that is advertised as Golden Milk or Turmeric Latte is far from being a newly invented, Pinterest-worthy trend. Under its Hindi name, Haldi Doodh, the bright yellow liquid has been around for centuries already and is a crucial item of Ayurveda.

A cup of warm milk with turmeric and several other condiments is a proven self-made remedy for coughs and colds in Indian households. And while healthy stuff is often not the most delicious, Golden Milk is a real treat!

Can Haldi Doodh Actually Benefit Your Health?

Turmeric powder used for Haldi doodh or Golden MilkThe traditional drink gets its distinct yellow color from turmeric, its main ingredient. Turmeric is an Asian root of the ginger family. It has been an essential element in the traditional Indian art of healing for more than 4000 years. The superfood contains the powerful medicinal compound “curcumin”. While there is a lack of significant studies, preliminary scientific research confirms its benefits for the body. And its long tradition in Ayurveda speaks for itself!

The traditional medicine praises curcumin for its cleansing and energizing effect. The compound contains antioxidant and antiseptic substances that facilitate digestion and regulate the metabolism. Due to these characteristics, turmeric supposedly also helps preventing cycles of chronic conditions. Common fields of application are enteritis and joint diseases like rheumatism or arthrosis.

Not to forget that the Golden Milk is dairy-free. Therefore, it is not only suitable for vegans but also the perfect drink for everybody who is lactose-intolerant or believes in the negative effects of cow milk on the human body.

How To Drink Golden Milk

A cup of Haldi Doodh a day, keeps the doctor away! Instead of your morning coffee, try Turmeric Latte to get you up and running. And due to the lack of caffeine, the Golden Milk can be a great nightcap at the same time. Simply integrate it into your daily routine and experience the positive effects yourself.

Since curcumin is not soluble in water, it should always be consumed together with some oily components. Adding a pinch of pepper will increase the positive effect as the contained piperine further facilitates the absorption of the curcumin into the body.



Our delicious recipe below tells you exactly how to make the golden wonder drink yourself. And if you end up loving it – which you probably will – you can easily make the turmeric paste in bigger batches so that you can have a lovely cup every day!


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