Our Mission

SunnySideCircus is your One-Stop-Shop for exciting information on all aspects of culture from countries around the world – Food & Drinks, Events, Leisure Activities, Music & Dances, Traditional Costumes, Customs & Traditions and many more!

Escape the daily Grind!

Doing the same day in and day out, waiting for the weekend to watch TV shows all day long? Don’t waste your time with the same boring activities. Spice up your everyday life with exciting and fun things to do from foreign countries. We help you find occasions from all over the world to make every day a celebration.

Travel for Experiences, not Tourist Sights!

We help you look beyond the tourist attractions that can be found in any ordinary guide book. Make more authentic experiences by getting insights into the lifestyle of the locals. We focus on the things that we think are often understated – the true cultural experiences that you cannot make in a tourist resort and that you will never forget.

Get Inspired For Your Next Trip!

So many options and you don’t know where to go to? By providing a showcase for all the different cultures of the world, we want to help you find the perfect destination. Look beyond the beaten path and rediscover hyped places from a new and authentic perspective. Or let us surprise you with exciting cultural insights on hidden gems that you would have never considered as travel destinations.