According to our highly scientific estimations – some might call it an educated guess, or even just a feeling – around 99% of all people in the world have a sweet tooth. Or do you know anybody who doesn’t like chocolate or other sweets? Exactly! And for that reason, we are bringing you the best sweets and desserts that the world has to offer. Find our favorites listed by country from A to Z. We will continuously be adding more luscious delights as we discover them, country by country.


Alfajores de maicena, sandwich cookies with dulce de leche filling

Alfajores – Argentina

Alfajores are definitely one of the most popular sweets in the land of Gauchos. The smooth and crumbly sandwich cookies come with a delicious sweet filling. It is not surprising that the most common one here is Dulce de leche, another Argentinian favourite. However, also other mouth-watering variations such as fruit jam or chocolate mousse are available in homemade and industrially produced Alfajores alike. Argentinians must be grateful for this gift that Spanish colonialists brought with them from the Arabs.

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Kaiserschmarrn: traditional Austrian dessert; ripped pancake with apple sauce and berries

Kaiserschmarrn – Austria

Whether you are taking a break at a rustic mountain lodge during your ski trip in the Alpes or having dinner at a traditional restaurant in Vienna, Kaiserschmarrn will most likely be the star on the dessert menu. The fluffy treat is one of the most traditional desserts from the Alps and a true staple of Austrian cuisine. And if you are a pancake lover, there is basically no way around Kaiserschmarrn for you.

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Brigadeiros, brazilian chocolate pralinées with chocolate splinters

Brigadeiros – Brazil

Chocolate lovers, listen up! This one is for you. Brigadeiros will satisfy your sweet tooth. The little balls made from cocoa and butter are perfect as a dessert or just as a little sugar rush for in-between. Invented as a treat during a political campaign, Briadeiros are now enjoyed across all of Brazil. The pralines are a popular confectionery for birthday parties or other special occasions as they are extremely delicious and yet quick and easy to make.

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Mooncakes, traditional Chinese pastry with sweet filling for Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncakes – China

When the bells sound for Mid-Autumn Festival in China, these beautifully decorated pastries pot up all over the place. It is not only their delicious taste but also the symbolic meaning that makes the traditional treat so popular. Mooncakes, as the name implies, praise the Chinese goddess of the moon during this hugely important celebration. Their delicious crust and sweet filling in combination with a hot cup of Chinese tea are simply amazing. And gladly, Mooncakes can nowadays also be found at different occasions so that you don’t have to wait for fall to come.

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Scones with clotted cream and jam

Scones – England

What would an afternoon in Britain be without traditional afternoon tea? And again, what would afternoon tea be without Scones? The fluffy cookies with their delicate taste usually come with clotted cream and strawberry jam. A heavenly combo that is simply irresistible. Together with a nice cup of Earl Grey, the crumbly pastry will warm your heart and lighten up even the greyest day.

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Best sweets and desserts around the world: Macarons, sandwich cookies with creamy filling, from France

Macarons – France

If you are a fan of the latest unicorn craze, your heart probably starts beating faster as you see these rainbow-colored goodies. But also for everybody else, Macarons are a must-try deliciousness that you cannot miss. The sandwich cookies have a soft and fluffy core with a slightly crunchy outside. As you put them in your mouth, the almond meringues almost melt on your tongue. The filling of  buttercream, ganache or jam adds another layer to the delicate taste of the heavenly pastry.

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Malaiyo, typical sweet from Varanasi, India: airy milk foam seasoned with cardamom, saffron and sugar

Malaiyo – India

India is huge and so is its offering of sweets and desserts across the country. Our pick, however, only exists in the holy city of Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges River. And if that wasn’t enough of a limitation, it is also only available on winter mornings. But all of this shouldn’t put you off. Malaiyo is an exceptionally fluffy milk froth seasoned with saffron and cardamon. The flavor together with the airy texture will make you regret that you have to leave the city at some point

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Cannoli Siciliani, sweet pastry specialty from the south of Italy, filled dough roll with ricotta and chocolate

Cannoli Siciliani – Italy

If you have ever made it to Italy, chances are that you have seen Cannoli Siciliani stacked up in bakery displays. Because the traditional little rolls with the creamy core have long spread beyond Sicily’s borders. The fried tubes of dough are filled with a Ricotta cream, usually containing vanilla, chocolate, candied fruits or pistachios. Certainly, this traditional Italian sweet is a must try and makes for a perfect summer dessert.

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Kakigori, Japanese shaved ice dessert in different flavors

Kakigōri – Japan

If you maintain a body-conscious diet but don’t want to miss out on sweet treats, this Japanese favorite may be what you are looking for. Kakigōri is a summer specialty made from shaved ice. So at least the base comes without any calorie. The ice flakes are then topped with fruit sauces and syrups. Optionally, condensed milk can provide some extra sweetness and a creamy texture. But it is just as delicious without the added-sugar ingredients.

Learn more about Kakigōri, the amazing Japanese alternative to ice-cream.


Picarones: fried donuts from Peru where people love to eat them as a midnight-snack

Picarones – Peru

These greasy and crunchy looking loops are nothing less than one of the most popualr Peruvian street foods. Known by the name of Picarones, the donut-like pastry evolved during Spanish colonialization in the Andean country. Little do they have in common, though, with their North American siblings. Picarones are very different when it comes to their ingredients. Or have you tried donuts made from sweet potato and squash before? And with a good amount of Chancaca syrup, the crispy rings are the perfect end of a long night out in Lima.

Learn more about Picarones, Peru’s most popular late-night snack.


Best sweets and desserts around the world: Halo-halo, mix of all things sweet from the Philipines

Halo-Halo – Philippines

Ice-cream, jelly or rather some fruits? Can’t decide what kind of sweet treat you want right now? Gladly, in the Philippines you don’t have to. Halo-halo is a wild mix of all the most delicious sugary stuff. The popular Filipino dessert usually consists of ingredients like shaved ice or ice-cream, mung beans, garbanzos, coconut strips, crushed young rice and plantains, among others. And of course, an Asian dessert doesn’t go without a good serving of condensed milk as a sweet and creamy finishing touch.

Learn more about Halo-halo, the colorful Filipino dessert made from all things sweet.


Spanish Churros with chocolate

Churros – Spain

Churros are a real staple on streets all over Spain. The traditional fried sticks made from choux dough can be found pretty much on every turn. Whether from mobile carts or in proper cafés, Churros simply never disappoint. Especially in the essential combination with chocolate sauce. And while many people would think that they are a sweet afternoon snack, Spaniards also typically eat Churros for breakfast. And who wouldn’t want to start the day like that?!

Learn more about Churros, the sweet Spanish alternative to French fries.


Of course, this is only a selection and each country has lots more amazing sweet stuff to offer. For more on a specific country, navigate through the menu at the top. And if you simply want to browse, check out our collection of all the mouth-watering sweets and desserts around the world. Enjoy!



Alfajores de Maicena by Rebecca T. Caro, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
Kaiserschmarrn by RitaE on Pixabay
Brigadeiros by liknes, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
it’s a cake by my friend by Huong Ho on Unsplash
Buttermilk and Mixed Fruit Scones with Sour Cherry Jam by Karen Booth, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
macarons by julien haler, licensed under CC BY 2.0
Strawberry Kakigori by City Foodsters, licensed under CC BY 2.0
DSC_0233 by i nao, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
halo halo deliciousness by Joey Parsons, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
san churro by evilhayama, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
Other images by SunnySideCircus