The hype around street food is in full swing at the moment. A movement that started in big cities like London or New York several years ago, has now arrived even in the smallest towns. But what you can experience here has little to do with the original concept of street food that has been around for centuries. We are talking about those food trucks that are currently popping up all over the globe serving instagrammable foods at hipster prices. This list is more about the real deal. Traditional foods sold alongside streets or on squares all over the planet. Get all the essential info you need on the delicious local specialties, including recipes to some of the most irresistible ones. We will continuously be adding new delicacies as we discover them – country by country.

Overview: The Best Street Food In The World By Each Country

  1. Currywurst – Germany
  2. Midye Dolma – Turkey
  3. Choripán – Argentina
  4. Arancini – Italy
  5. Mirchi Vada – India
  6. Torta – Mexico
  7. Poutine – Canada
  8. Churros – Spain
  9. Acarajé – Brazil
  10. Takoyaki – Japan
  11. Picarones – Peru
  12. Bánh Mì – Vietnam


Currywurst, traditional German street food, sausage with curry sauce

Currywurst – Germany

Alongside Döner Kebap, Currywurst is Germany’s most popular street food. It is such a legendary dish that several cities, including Berlin, even battle for being the origin of the fast food. Currywurst consists of a typical German sausage topped with a ketchup-based curry sauce. It is often served with a bread roll or a side French fries and can be found on pretty much every street corner. Especially when you visit the German capital, you should check out some of Berlin’s most legendary Currywurst joints.

Learn more about Currywurst, the homage to Germans’ love for sausages.


Midye Dolma – Turkey

Turkey is full of amazing food, one more delicious than the other. Standing out of the huge offering is one of the best street foods we have ever had. Surprisingly, it is extremely simple. Midye Dolma are mussels stuffed with seasoned rice, a traditional meze which is commonly enjoyed with Raki. If you love seafood, get yourself to Turkey immediately and snack on one mussel after another!

Learn more about Midye Dolma, Turkey’s seafood snack that will keep you longing for more.


Choripan, Argentinian sausage sandwich with chorizo, pickles and chimichurri

Choripán – Argentina

If you like Hot Dogs, then there is no way around Choripán for you! The highly popular fast food is a typical type of sandwich with chorizo from Argentina which is now also popular in other countries across South America. A garnish of onions, tomato relish or pickled peppers add a fresh component to the spicy sausage. A blob of Chimichurri, a traditional and super delicious Argentinian herb sauce, crowns the greasy delicacy. The popular street food can be found on every corner in Buenos Aires or other Argentinian cities and is the perfect snack.

Learn more about Choripán, Argentina’s answer to Hot Dogs.


Traditional Arancini, filled and fried rice balls from Sicily, Italy

Arancini – Italy

“Arancini” means “little oranges. And this is what the deep fried and filled rice balls from Sicily look like. The traditional dish comes with many different fillings including ragout, peas and carrots, mozzarella and bechamelle or mozarella and spinach. If you are able to find one of the traditional, small joints that make their own fresh Arancini every day, you will surely be in paradise!

Learn more about Arancini, the ultimate snack from Italy’s far south.


Mirchi Vada Bhaji: traditional street food from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Stuffed green chili fritters

Mirchi Vada – India

The best way to get over bad weather outside is some good soul food. And so, this popular Indian snack from the state of Rajasthan is what Indians resort to when Monsoon hits the country. Mirchi Vada are extraordinary chili poppers with a delicious potato filling. While the green peppers themselves are rather mild, the seasoned filling adds a good amount of tanginess and spice. Do not leave India without trying this deliciousness!

Learn more about Mirchi Vada, the spicy, tongue-tingling chili fritter from India’s Land of Kings.


Torta, a traditional Mexican sandwich. MOne of Mexico's most popular street foods

Torta – Mexico

Are you surprised by our choice? You probably expected to see Tacos as Mexico’s best street food. And we do have to admit that we were also debating but then decided to present you a dish that is less known internationally. Torta is a traditional Mexican sandwich that usually consists of a soft bun or baguette-style bread roll. It comes in countless variations with different meats, cheeses, vegetables and sauces. You will mostly find Torta at mobile carts on the side of the street or on squares.

Learn more about Torta, the queen of all sandwiches from Mexico.

Poutine: most popular and typical street food in Canada – french fries with gravy and cheese, special version topped with chicken breast and chorizo

Poutine – Canada

Poutine is a Canadian classic, basically the country’s national dish! It is super delicious – and somewhat strange at the same time. No offense, lovely Canadian friends! The street food is an unusual combo of fries, cheese & gravy. Especially in cities across Quebec, like Montreal, you will find dedicated Poutine joints that serve even crazier combinations.

Learn more about Poutine, the delicious “mess” that will make your mouth water.


Spanish Churros with chocolate

Churros – Spain

Although people in Spain traditionally eat Churros for breakfast, the heavenly sticks are available all day long at little carts and cafés all over the country. Churros consist of the two most essential components that make an out-of-this-world dessert: fried dough and chocolate sauce. When you feel low on energy after a long shopping spree or sightseeing tour, grab yourself a bag of Churros and get your sugar levels up in the most delicious way possible.

Learn more about Churros, the sweet version of “French fries with ketchup”.


Acaraje with toppings, okra, tomato salad

Acarajé – Brazil

These fried balls are a popular Brazilian street food from the northeastern state of Bahia. The spicy traditional dish with its strong influences from West Africa can be found all over the place. Just look for the lovely Baianas in their beautiful, traditional white costumes. Acarajé are made from milled black-eyed peas, filled with spicy paste, okra, tomato salad and shrimps.

Learn more about Acarajé, the fiery stuffed fritters from Brazil’s northeast.


Best street food around the world: Takoyaki from Japan, fried balls with octopus and mayonnaise

Takoyaki – Japan

These balls look like straight from a hipster joint. But in fact, they are one of Japan’s most popular, traditional street foods. The baked octopus is fried into dumplings and served with special sauce, mayonnaise and dried fish flakes. The traditional dish is available on every street corner and is the perfect cheap and delicious fast food snack!

Learn more about Takoyaki, a total must-try along with Japan’s legendary Sushi.


Picarones: fried donuts from Peru where people love to eat them as a midnight-snack

Picarones – Peru

Donuts are hugely popular around the world, with more and more American chains popping up everywhere selling the crazy sweet rings. At first glance, you might think that these sweets sold on Peru’s streets are merely a crooked copy of the American version. But Picarones are so much more than that. While the shape might be similar, the dough from sweet potatoes and squash is on another level. Together with some Chancaca syrup and a cup of Chicha Morada, Picarones will give you the ultimate culinary experience in Peru.

Learn more about Picarones, Peru’s favorite late-night snack.


Best street food around the world - Banh Mi: Vietnamese sandwich with prok belly or tofu, pickled vegetables and cilantro. Typical street food in Saigon and the rest of the southeast asian country

Bánh Mì – Vietnam

On a trip to Vietnam, you will discover French baguettes on street carts all over the place. A strange phenomenon? No a delicious remnant from colonial times. The white breads find use in one of Vietnam’s most popular street foods known as Bánh Mì. A combination of delicious French as well as Vietnamese ingredients make the sandwich an extraordinary fusion food.

Learn more about Bánh Mì, where Vietnamese and French Cuisine fuse into a luscious sandwich.


Of course, this is only a selection and each country has lots more amazing street food to offer. For more on a specific country, navigate through the menu at the top. And if you simply want to browse, check out our collection of all the delicious street food around the world.



Street Food, Bangkok, Thailand by Lisheng Chang on Unsplash
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Viet McRib Banh Mi by Andrea Nguyen, licensed under CC BY 2.0
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