Caipirinha and Mojito, two cocktails that have made it to international fame. Both national drinks, of Brazil and Cuba, are nowadays available in many bars across the globe. But what about all the other great typical beverages that are so far unknown past their country’s borders? Whether to enjoy on your travels or for some varitey in your everyday life.

Here is our list of the best traditional drinks from around the world that you probably don’t know, but definitely need to try:


Federweißer from Germany: new white wine


This cloudy beverage is a delicious wine specialty from Germany. Originally from the areas along the Rhine and Mosel rivers, Federweißer is nowadays available across the whole country. However, it can only be enjoyed in fall during the season of the grape harvest. The sweet, yeasty flavor is unique and not to be missed when in Germany at the right time.

Learn more about Federweißer, the alcoholic grape drink from Germany’s wine regions.


Inca Kola from Peru, the glowing yellow alternative to Coca Cola

Inca Kola

Inca Kola is a typical and highly popular soft drink from Peru. The non-alcoholic beverage has a bright, almost neon yellow color and a very sweet taste. While some might find it too sugary, it may be heaven for others. Either way, a must-try when traveling to Peru.

Learn more about Inca Kola, the soft drink that is even more popular in Peru than Coca-Cola.


Chicha de jora, traditional corn beer form Peru


Chicha is a traditional corn beer from the Andes with a rather “acquired taste”. The Inca initially brewed it to praise their gods, using saliva for the fermentation process. Today, the brewing method has mostly changed but the drink remains highly popular. Not a beer but a very delicious variation is the deep red Chicha Morada which can be found on every turn.

Learn more about Chicha, the sacrificial elixir that isn’t for the faint of heart.

Best traditional summer drinks around the world: Michelada, spicy beer mix with lime and hot sauce from Mexico


This classic Mexican beer mix cocktail is so simple and yet so refreshing. It takes only three ingredients – beer, lime juice and spicy sauce – to get you through the hottest summer. Enjoy this traditional drink ice-cold, whether you are traveling through Central America or are in need of a refreshment on your balcony at home.

Learn more about Michelada, the unique beer mix with Mexican spiciness.


Chinotto, Sicilian cola from Italy, Chiò by San Pellegrino


Chinotto is basically Sicily’s answer to Coca-Cola. It combines the sweetness of the brown soft drink with the bitterness of citrus fruits. This typical non-alcoholic soda is a must-try when you are in Italy! It will give you instant holiday feelings.

Learn more about Chinotto, Sicily’s cola drink with a Mediterranean touch.


Ayran, Turkey's traditional frothy yogurt drink in typical copper cups


Ayran is a healthy and easy-to-make yogurt drink with only 3 ingredients: yogurt, water, salt! It is Turkey’s national drink and a perfect summer refreshment. Due to its favorable nutritional values and high levels of protein, Ayran can be a great complement to your fitness routine! Of course, we have the super simple recipe for you!

Learn more about Ayran, the drink that got an official promotion by the Turkish president.


Summer drinks around the world: Tinto de verano, summer red wine from Spain, similar to Sangría

Tinto de Verano

Tinto de Verano is a refreshing wine-based summer drink from Spain and literally translates to “summer red wine”. Although not very known around the world, it is actually more popular than Sangría with the locals. The cold drink is a cheap and easy-to-make beverage to get at bars or to prepare for parties. Get the recipe and enjoy this refreshing drink at home!

Learn more about Tinto De Verano, the Spanish wine mix that will make you feel like summer at any time of the year.

Terremoto, a popular wine drink from Chile


Terremoto is a typical and very popular mix drink from Chile. The long drink only contains three ingredients – Pepino white wine, Fernet Branca and pineapple sorbet. It is therefore a simple and easy-to-make party drink which will definitely surprise your guests. Get the recipe for this traditional cocktail from South America.

Learn more about Terremoto, the unusual blend that will make your legs shake.


Best traditional summer drinks around the world: Oliang or Oleang, traditional thai iced coffee


Oliang, or Oleang, is the original name of traditional Thai iced coffee. For this refreshing summer drink, Thai people use a complete blend of coffee powders and several other ingredients to brew the coffee base. It is then mixed with milk and poured over ice cubes. Prepare this great alternative to your standard iced coffee with our authentic recipe.

Learn more about Oliang, the typical Thai beverage that will sweeten the summer to all coffee lovers.


Cimarrona, a refreshing summer drink from Guatemala with salt and lime


Cimarrona is a self-made soft drink mix from Guatemala with sparkling water, limes and salt. The simple beverage is extremely refreshing, especially in hot summer months. You will be surprised how delicious salt water can taste!

Learn more about Cimarrona, the unusually refreshing soft drink from Guatemala.


Feuerzangenbowle: traditional hot alcoholic drink from Germany, similar to mulled wine


This flaming alcoholic drink is available on any typical German Christmas Market. It is similar to the famous mulled wine, known as Glühwein in Germany, though regional additions are made such as different types of liquors or even black tea. A cone of sugar is soaked with rum and burnt over the liquid so that it caramelizes and drips into the wine mix. Get our delicious recipe to spice up your Christmas time.

Learn more about Feuerzangenbowle, the Christmas drink that sets your winter on fire.


Well, this was our little selection of the best traditional drinks from around the world. But of course, there are so many more typical beverages from other countries that are absolutely delicious and shouldn’t be missed. Check them out and enjoy!

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