Summer is in full swing and temperatures are climbing to heights where even the greatest heat lovers are looking for cooling. Of course, the very first savior that comes to mind is ice cream. But after having tried each and every flavor of Ben & Jerry’s and the latest combo of fruits and herbs from your local hipster parlor, it is time for something new.

Whether you are looking for healthy ice cream alternatives that are low in fat and carbs, non-dairy substitutes if you are vegan or lactose-intolerant or simply want some variation from the classic. We have composed some great frozen specialties from all around the world to mix things up for you.


Açaí Na Tigela: classic Açaí breakfast bowl with banana, granola and other fruits

Açaí Na Tigela

If you live in one of the hip metropolises of the world, you will have stumbled upon Açaí by now. Most probably in the form of a breakfast bowl that is garnished with any superfood known to mankind. The instagrammable treat originally stems from Brazil just as a way simpler version. This delicious frozen fruit puree is for sure one of the best vegan ice cream alternatives. Not to forget about Açaí’s energizing and antioxidant properties.

Learn mir about Açaí Na Tigela and get our simple recipe for an authentic Brazilian smoothie bowl.


Kakigōri, Japanese shaved ice with Matcha green tea flavor



This Japanese dessert specialty looks almost magical and is yet so simple. The colorful and shimmering little mountains are made of scraped flakes from big blocks of ice. Top them off with colorful fruit puree or syrup and you get a delicious piece of art. Kakigōri’s base itself is as low-carb as it gets. With the topping you can decide for yourself if you want to keep it that way or create a sugar-licious treat with an extra dose of condensed milk to get you into carb heaven.

Learn more about Kakigōri, Japan’s delicious, low-carb ice cream substitute.


Granita, sicilian ice specialty: sorbet with lemo, coffee or almond


When thinking of Italy, summer and ice cream, what comes to your mind straight away? Right, Gelato! But have you heard of the Sicilian specialty with an equally pleasing name? Granita is a runny sorbet made with simple syrup and lemon juice, ground almonds or coffee. On hot summer days, Sicilians love enjoying their first dose right for breakfast together with some brioche or pastry that serves for dipping. While Granita is dairy-free, it is far from low-carb or healthy. But oh so delicious!


Best sweets and desserts around the world: Halo-halo, mix of all things sweet from the Philipines


Okay, to be fair, Halo-Halo is not really an ice cream subsitute. It is rather an extraordinary combo of an unusual type of ice cream with lots of colorful toppings. We even have to admit that it doesn’t tick many of the boxes that the previous items on this list have to offer. The extremely popular sweet from the Philippines is neither healthy nor vegan or lactose-free. We still think it deserves a spot in this compilation as it is miles aways from your standard ice cream cone.

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Ice Cream Float

As we seem to be advancing from low-carb and healthy ice cream alternatives to substitutes that could give you an instant sugar shock, it is only logical that the good old Ice Cream Float finishes off this list. And of course, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that this sugar-packed combo is brought to us by the US. An Ice Cream Float can come in many different variations but it always consists of a scoop of ice cream dumped into a glass of some kind of soft drink. Coca-Cola, Sprite root beer, you name it. It really doesn’t get much more sugary. But if you have an exceptionally sweet tooth, Ice Cream Floats might just be what you are looking for.



We hope you enjoyed our replacements for your traditional cup of the classic chocolate-vanilla-strawberry-trio. Have you come across some other frozen treat that deserves a spot on this list? Please share it with us and our fellow ice cream lovers out there!