Berlin has been hyped for many years as the hippest and most exciting city on the globe. The German capital comes with an eventful history, a bustling culture and art scene, world-class culinary experiences and a vivid outdoor lifestyle in summer. Young people from all over the world want to grasp some of the city’s coolness. And while thousands of people flock to Berlin every year for very different reasons, there are some things that nobody should miss out on: the typical drinks and foods that the German capital has to offer.


Club-Mate, German energy drink in Berlin based on South American yerba mate plant


Apart from being a highly creative and open-minded city, Berlin is probably most known for having the craziest nightlife in the world with its parties that go on for several days. How to survive and keep up with the locals? The secret is Club-Mate. The yerba mate-based soft drink is prevalent all over the city and will give you the energy you need for a party weekend Berlin-style.

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Currywurst, traditional German street food, sausage with curry sauce


Germany is famous for its sausages all around the world. Though, few people have heard of this delicious street food specialty from Berlin – although there is a big dispute on where it was actually invented. Currywurst is a perfect snack to regain your strengths during a long sightseeing tour.

The most famous joints to try this traditional specialty are for sure Konnopke’s Imbiss and Curry 36 where you have to expect standing in line before you can finally enjoy your curry sausage. And while these two are must-try spots, make sure to also check out some of the smaller, less famous ones. Without a doubt, these are sometimes the best! For a list of our favorites, check out The Best Places To Eat Currywurst In Berlin!

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Original Berliner Luft, traditional peppermint liquor from Eastern , usually drunk as shots

Berliner Luft

At first glance, this see-through spirit looks like a harsh vodka. But the smell and taste will astonish you – it is actually a smooth liqueur with an intense peppermint flavor. Already hugely popular in socialist East Germany, it is now again one of Berliners’ most favorite shots.

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Döner Kebap, street food sandwich from Berlin with Turkish roots

Döner Kebap

Kebab is known in many countries across the world today but none of these are like the Berlin original. Based on the traditional giant Turkish skewer, the dish as it is known today was invented by immigrants from Turkey in the German capital. Döner Kebap is Germany’s favorite fast food today and probably the most popular after-party food. You haven’t been to Berlin if you haven’t eaten a Döner Kebap!

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Berliner Weisse

What would this list about food and drinks in the German capital be without mentioning beer? While Berliner Weisse itself is just a certain type of white beer, it is the mix with special syrups which made it such an iconic beverage in Berlin and all over Germany.

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Currywurst mit Pommes by WordRidden, licensed under CC BY 2.0
Other images by SunnySideCircus & Unsplash