When winter seems to be never-ending and the humid cold goes bone-deep, not even the warmest jacket can keep you from feeling uncomfortable anymore. Thus, a quick remedy needs to be found to bridge the time until temperatures finally rise again. Gladly, we have some little helpers at hand that won’t just make you feel your feet again but will be a joy for your taste buds at the same time.

Since many countries are affected by the cold at some point in the year, there is a huge variety of delicious winter drinks from all around the world. And they don’t necessarily always have to be hot to warm you up. A bit of booze can do wonders, as well. But we are sure you already knew that. Below, we have compiled our favorites for a little overview with additional info available for each beverage, including our authentic and simple recipes.


Feuerzangenbowle: traditional hot alcoholic drink from Germany, similar to mulled wine


You have probably tried or at least heard of mulled wine before. Together with German Christmas Markets, the hot beverage has spread to many countries around the world where people take joy in it during the cold months of the year. But drinking the same old stuff every year gets old over time. So why not take the hot, Christmas-spiced wine to the next level? Well, let us introduce you to Feuerzangenbowle. While the base ingredients are essentially the same, a special addition sets the two apart. A little hint: a sugar cone soaked in rum gives the punch a fabulous note of caramel as it melts.

Learn more about Feuerzangenbowle, the delicious alternative to mulled wine with the extra kick.


Jagertee or Jagatee: traditional Austrian hot winter drink with black tea and rum. Perfect for your skiing break


Have you ever been to Austria in winter? A wonderland covered in snow from the breathtaking mountains to the adorable villages along the valleys. And then there is Jagertee! Nothing beats the feeling of coming into a mountain lodge after hours on the ski slopes and taking your first sip of the boozy hot tea. The Austrian winter drink will warm you from the inside and get you ready for the “afterparty”.

Learn more about Jagertee, the ultimate Après-Ski starter from Austria.



Eggnog: traditional English and British creamy Christmas drink


Eggnog is simple. Blend eggs, milk, sugar and booze and off you go. If this concept of a drink is unfamiliar to you, it may sound a bit strange. But let us tell you: it is absolutely delicious. And millions of North Americans can’t be wrong about their favorite winter drink. Whether cold like the classic or hot as a so-called Tom & Jerry, the creamy egg punch is a must try during the cold season.

Learn more about Eggnog, Americans’ favourite Christmas cocktail.


Cola de Mono

The creaminess of the Eggnog sounds intriguing but you don’t like the idea of using eggs in a drink? Then Cola de Mono can be a great alternative for you. The Chilean Christmas cocktail might boast a strange name – “monkey’s tale” – but the taste is magical, especially if you are a coffee lover. And Cola de Mono doesn’t need to be hot to get your feet warm – and your legs shaky.

Learn more about Cola de Mono, Chile’s strangely-named, yet super delicious Christmas classic.


Of course, the world has much more to offer than just winter drinks. Check out all the other delicious traditional beverages from around the globe!

Silvester 2009 by Krompi, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
Black Tea by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay
Eggnog by JillWellington on Pixabay