Last summer it was Aperol Spritz. The year before it was Mimosas. You know, that one drink that you have all summer long and that changes every year!? Now you are probably thinking of your go-to beverages in the last years. Just good old beer? Some fancy fruit drinks? You recognize a pattern, right? And inevitably the question comes up: What should I drink in summer this year? Instead of the same old boozy liquids that have been rotating over the last years, it is time for something new! To give you some inspiration, we have compiled the most delicious summer drinks from all around the world to mix things up this year. Our collection awaits with mouth-watering summer cocktails, long drinks, spritzers and all sorts of other luscious refreshments to cool you down. And get you a little tipsy. If you want to, that is. Of course, there are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from – and all are amazing.

But don’t worry, instead of swanky mixology creations with 473,957 ingredients, we have easy and cool drinks to make at home for you. And all come with super simple recipes. Be it for a party with friends, a family gathering or simply to enjoy on the balcony with your significant other after a long day’s work, these wonderful beverages will make your summer.


Caipirinha, Brazil's national drink and world-famos cocktail with cachaca and limes


Let’s start with a classic that many of you might know already. This Brazilian staple will never get old and so Caipirinha simply cannot miss on any list about summer drinks. The fresh taste of limes will instantly catapult your mind onto a sun bed at Ipanema beach. It only needs very few ingredients and is super simple to make. The perfect homemade summer beverage when friends come around.

Get the recipe for Caipirinha, the world-famous national drink of Brazil.


Summer drinks around the world: Tinto de verano, summer red wine from Spain, similar to Sangría

Tinto de Verano

What could a more appropriate beverage for the hot months be than one that already carries the word “summer” in its name? Tinto de Verano translates to “summer red wine”, a surprisingly delicious mix of the fermented grape juice and lemon soda. As the temperatures rise, you will see people all over Spain enjoying a glass of this beautifully red liquid. And don’t confuse it with the internationally famous Sangría – Tinto de Verano is what Spanish locals really love.

Get the recipe for Tinto de Verano, the even more popular sibling of Spanish Sangría.


Bananenweizen, an unusual mix of wheat bear and banana juice from Germany


You aren’t the biggest fan of beer due to its bitterness? This somewhat unusual beer mix from Germany might change your mind this summer. The wheat beer used for Bananenweizen already comes with a slight sweetness. Cloudy banana nectar adds a special smoothness in texture and a fruity touch without making it unbearably sweet. For all the beer lovers out there: the beer flavor is still clearly noticeable in Bananenweizen. So, you don’t have to fear ending up with a sugary cocktail-type drink. Give it a try as well – you might be surprised!

Get the recipe for Bananenweizen, the rather controversial beer mix among Germans.

Best traditional summer drinks around the world: Oliang or Oleang, traditional thai iced coffee


No list of delicious drinks is complete without mentioning at least one item with coffee. For many of us, the black liquid is our daily life elixir. So it is only logical that we don’t want to miss out on it during summer. And since hot coffee and hot temperatures don’t go well together, we have found a great cold version for you straight from Thailand. The traditional caffeinated beverage will refresh and lift you up at the same time. Although Oliang is a non-alcoholic drink, originally, adding some booze like Baileys or Kahlu won’t hurt either.

Get the recipe for Oliang, traditional Thai Iced Coffee against that hot weather laziness.

In case you aren’t the greatest coffee lover, Thai Iced Tea may be the drink to get you into that Thailand vacation mood.


Best traditional summer drinks around the world: Mojito, Cuba's national drink with rum, lime and mint leaves


This beautiful drink from Cuba is somewhat like Caipirinha’s sibling. Despite their similarities, Mojito deserves its very own spot on this list. The additional mint and soda provide extra flavor and freshness that accentuate the summer feeling. And what’s best: it can be a perfect drink for the entire family, young and old. Simply make it a virgin cocktail without alcohol. Either way, this summertime favorite will make any staycation feel like a trip to the Caribbean.

Get the recipe for Mojito, Cuba’s refreshing national drink that has conquered the world.


Terremoto, a popular wine drink from Chile


Fill a glass with white wine, add a dash of Fernet Branca and a scoop of pineapple sorbet and you get this popular Chilean mix drink. Sounds weird, looks weird, tastes amazing! After all, Terremoto combines the two best things of summer: drinking and eating ice-cream. But don’t underestimate the effect of this seemingly harmless long drink. After all, its name means “earthquake” and there must be a good reason for it if Chileans call it that way.

Get the recipe for Terremoto, the Chilean mix drink that will make your legs shake.

Cimarrona, a refreshing summer drink from Guatemala with salt and lime


Here comes another non-alcoholic refreshment straight from Guatemala. The concept of it may seem a bit odd at first though. You know when you get salt water from the sea into your mouth? The most disgusting thing ever, right!? Well, Cimarrona is basically salt water. But a delicious version! And definitely one of the easiest homemade summer drinks of all. The Guatemalan soft drink might not knock you off your socks when it comes to flavor but it scores high on the refreshment scale. Exactly what you need to get through an unbearable heat wave.

Get the recipe for Cimarrona, the Guatemalan drink that will make you like salt water.


Best traditional summer drinks around the world: Daiquiri from Cuba, one of Ernest Hemingway's favorite drinks


Daiquiri is another cocktail classic and probably no new discovery for you. Nevertheless, it well deserves to be mentioned along with all the other delicious summer drinks from across the globe. The icy favorite from a small Cuban town with the same name will bring you that Caribbean flair this summer. And what’s so great about Daiquiri: It only requires three main ingredients. Thus, it is a perfect quick fix for spontaneous guests. And what’s even better: you can pimp Daiquiri with all kinds of fruits like mango, strawberry or banana for that extra tropical touch.

Get the recipe for Daiquiri, Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktail.


Best traditional summer drinks around the world: Michelada, spicy beer mix with lime and hot sauce from Mexico


This Mexican specialty is somewhat a combination of a cold beer and a spicy snack in one. Michelada consists of cold beer with lime and a special hot sauce. The concept may not sound very appealing, especially in the summer heat. But we can assure you that there is hardly anything better than lying on a beach on the Mexican Pacific coast with an ice-cold Michelada in your hand. O when temperatures summit this year, go to the next lake or sea and enjoy this unusual refreshment.

Get the recipe for Michelada, an unusual beer cocktail with original Mexican spiciness.


Weinschorle: white wine spritzer


Well, Weinschorle actually doesn’t come with a crazy history or anything. And we are also not here for that but to find our next summertime favorite, right? The German wine spritzer is as simple as it is delicious and refreshing. Although, wine enthusiasts might not approve, you should give this beer garden staple a go. Whether you are a white wine, red wine or rosé person, you will definitely find your friend in Weinschorle.

Learn more about the non-alcoholic versions of Schorle, Germans’ favorite drink. Of course, right after beer.


Cocktail caipirinha by Wine Dharma, licensed under CC BY 2.0
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Iced Combo 0323 by mliu92, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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Michelada by T.Tseng, licensed under CC BY 2.0
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